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Special Production

special production
Green Cat offers the option of a Switcher special production service for businesses, to meet the particular needs of your order down to the last detail.

This way you are able to create a model or a full collection that is tailored to your specific requirements, helping you to fully portray your brand aesthetics in the design you choose.

Switcher Special production can allow you to have full control over:

  •  The colours used – any colour or shade from the Pantone chart 
  • The design elements – you can combine elements from different styles to find your perfect design
  •  Fabrics used – choosing the fabric for your product will allow you to determine the garments properties so you can ensure they will suit your needs
Choosing Switcher special production gives you the choice of design, but also the expertise of textile specialist.

Please note, delivery time is longer than usual for special production orders.

For details or offer requests, please contact us.
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